Flexible stock management for a leaner business

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We can help you:

  • reduce your costs and streamline your processes
  • master your inventory from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod
  • access reports from anywhere, at any time
  • wave goodbye to human error and clunky systems
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Kanban Live has helped us secure major contracts with a number of high-profile aerospace clients. It's a foolproof system and, quite simply, is the best use of technology in our business at this point in time.

——Chris Osborne, Operations Director,

What Is It?

Kanban Live is an inventory management system that takes the kanban principle of stock control and makes it smoother, simpler and more efficient.

How Does It Work?

Install our app onto a barcode scanner or RFID reader and scan everything as it comes in and goes out. Kanban Live will give you an instant snapshot of your stock levels at any given point in time. Wherever you are in the world.

Who Can Use It?

Kanban Live is ideal for any industry that needs to beat their time windows. If you have supply chain challenges in the , medical, automotive or any other industry that requires continuity of production, then Kanban Live can help you improve your processes.

Stock Control

Leaner Inventory

Kanban Live simplifies stock management. No more complex functions, no more useless reports. Just everything you need to know about your current stock in real-time, and easy-to-read reports that identify your problem areas.

Reduce Stock level

Easy To Use

Kanban Live is compatible with Apple's iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It's a simple, intuitive app that controls your inventory and speeds up your processes. In essence, it will be your shop floor's best friend.

Reduce Stock Replenish time

Sharper Ordering

Kanban Live links with your MRP/ERP system to order new stock, as and when you need it. That means fewer hold-ups on your production line and happier customers on the the other side of the fence.


Flexible Reports

Kanban Live's reports can help you act fast on new trends. Annual reports give you a longer-term view of the bigger picture. Expect more appropriate bin sizes, lower costs for the business, and higher levels of the inventory you need to make a profit.

Increase data reliability

Higher Productivity

No more pointless trips to the shop floor to find stock. Kanban Live's access-from-anywhere feature means you can view what you have while out on the road, in the office or even at home.

Fast, reliable scanning

Reduced Human Error

It takes just seconds to scan products accurately in and out of your inventory. Kanban Live features integration with Socket Mobile and Linea Pro barcode scanners to make your life easier and the shop floor faster.

Increase exposure to information

More Affordable

Kanban Live is pay-as-you go. It's important to us that our customers have the ability to grow or cut back whenever they need to. All we need is 30 days notice and we'll adjust your plan accordingly.

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