About Us

Founded in 2012, Kanban Live helps our customers meet their supply chain challenges head on with the intelligent use of technology.

Based on the kanban system of lean stock control, Kanban Live has been developed robustly with simplicity in mind. Try it for free and see what you think, or get in touch to arrange a live demo.

We're convinced you will be amazed by the many benefits Kanban Live will bring to your business.


Chris Richards

Chris Richards, Founder & CEO

Chris is a passionate software developer with over 20 years experience in technology within the aerospace, financial and telecoms sectors. He's worked at companies both large and small, developed and launched products from scratch and held project leader and management roles before starting Kanban Live.

Chris Wharton

Chris Wharton, UI Designer & Front end Developer

Chris has been designing for the web for over 10 years. He has designed built websites and web apps for an array of clients including financial, business, start-up, marketing and law.