Spectech Case Study

Kanban Live helps Spectech secure over £5 million in Aerospace contracts.

About Spectech

Spectech are supply chain specialists and part of the STAG Group. They support the aerospace and defence industries by providing aviation spares through innovative and effective design, manufacture, distribution and services based solutions. Spectech have been using Kanban Live for the past three years to give them tighter control and visibility of their inventory across sites in the UK, France and North America.

Kanban Live has helped us:
  • secure over £5 million in new contracts
  • ensure our customers have the parts they need 100% of the time
  • manage over 4,500 bins in 3 different countries, seamlessly

——Chris Osborne, Operations Director, SpecTech FRANCE

The Challenge

Spectech used bin monitoring software in the past, but found it to be unwieldy, unreliable, and inefficient. It was proving difficult to connect the dots between their suppliers, inventory, and customers - and everything in between.

The nature of Spectech's business means accuracy and availability are of the utmost importance. We had to provide a barcode and RFID solution that could link everything together, provide a deeper insight into Spectech's inventory, and partner effectively with their clients and suppliers.

The Solution

We took care of Spechtech's data transfer and fed it straight into Kanban Live. It linked with their third party ERP system for orders, with barcodes and RFID tags on the shop floor for scanning. We also have an iOS app which gives us remote access to the system. Once the transfer was complete, it went live with over 4,500 bins.

The unpredictable nature of their business means Spectech need flexibility to control their bin numbers. It's an important part of Kanban Live - we understand the importance of elasticity when it comes to software as a service. We're also in the cloud, which gave them the security that all aerospace and defence services need.

Spectech says...

We saved costs

Kanban Live has given us and our partners enormous benefits. We now buy parts more efficiently, which in turn saves costs for our customers, and can also allow our suppliers get a deeper insight into parts usage.

We are 'always on'

With an uptime of over 99.9% for the past year, we know the state of our inventory at any given time, either on site or remotely. And, we have the right parts available, in the right place, ALL of the time.

Buy-in from the shop floor

The system is so easy to use - there's a shallow learning curve and it has simplified our whole process. Kanban Live focuses our people on what matters, from the shop floor up. It's reduced labour costs and stripped away many issues caused by human error.

The future for Spectech and Kanban Live

Right now, Kanban Live eliminates parts requirement transcription time and in our ongoing relationship we are working towards a method where the bin state auto-picks a part.

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