A Closer Look At Kanban Live

Curious about how Kanban Live can work for your business? This tour explains how we set things up with you, and what you can expect from our service. We've made things as easy as possible to create a foolproof, Just-in-time system that anyone can use. Get in touch to see a live demonstration or get stuck straight in with our free, no-obligation 30-day trial.

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Easy Set-up

Changing the software that your business relies on everyday seems like a big step. But with Kanban Live, it's easy. We'll organise the data transfer while you carry on doing what you do best. And it will all be secured in the cloud, completely safe, ready for you to start maximising your inventory.

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Simple To Use

When you are leading change, it's hard to get buy-in from the guys on the shopfloor - especially when your vision involves new systems and products. But give them something easier to use and it's a different story. Kanban Live's iPad and iPhone apps mean that there's a shallow learning curve with a logical, familiar and consistent control system that takes no time at all to master.

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Efficient Integration

Kanban Live integrates with Socket Mobile and Linea Pro barcode scannners. All your team has to do is scan stock in and out, and the system takes care of everything else. Automatic reports are sent to your MRP/ERP system to reorder stock, meaning you always remain within Just-in-time and as lean as possible. You can also use Kanban Live with a twin-bin system - perfect for high-volume, low cost parts.

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Always Available

Wherever you have a Wi-Fi signal, you will have instant access to your inventory levels from your phone, tablet or computer. That means no more wasted trips to the shop floor for out of stock items, and an accurate number you can quote to a customer while you are in a meeting. It doesnt matter where you are in the world, or what time it is, Kanban Live is always there, and always on - 24/7.

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Scalable Growth

Worrying about the size of your inventory? Need the option to scale up or down when the time is right for you? Kanban Live offers a number of flexible plans for any size of business or stock level. And because we don't insist on contracts, we can grow with you or shrink with you; whichever and whenever is best for you.

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No User Limits

We understand that businesses have different needs, and don't think it's fair to impose user limits. We charge only for the amount of bins you use, meaning you can remain as flexible as possible and concentrate on leading your business in the right direction.

Kanban Live: it's everything you need for simple and accurate stock control.

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